A Statement about the purpose and Goal of Oklahoma Robotics

Our nation continues to experience a severe shortage of students pursuing careers in science, engineering, and technology.  In fact, statistics reveal that the United States is lagging behind many other countries in the number of graduates in these fields.  Many argue that this situation is of crisis proportion.
Oklahoma Robotics represents a group of students, parents, teachers, administrators, industry mentors, and individual and corporate sponsors, working together to address this lack of student interest in fields of technology.  Our efforts are manifested by promoting robotics training at grade levels K-12. 
Much of this training involves organizing students in different teams that build a robot under the guidance of teachers and industry mentors.  Subsequently, the teams compete to determine who built the best robot.  One goal is to provide the same level of fun and excitement through competition in technically oriented activities that many students experience in athletics. 
In summary, the mission of Oklahoma Robotics is to encourage students to pursue careers in science, engineering, and technology by participating in robotics training.